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Saturday, 7 January 2017

What Do Women Want? Valentine Week Ideas Tips

What Do Women Want? Valentine Week Ideas Tips

What Do Women Want?

What do women really want? This question has confused the male species throughout many centuries, and all of the answers that men come up with seem to confuse them even more. Valentine's Day is a fine example of the chaos that a woman can cause a man. There are generally four types of gifts that men come up with to give a woman for Valentines Day--The Cute and Corny, The Romantic, The Naughty and The Necessary.

The cute and corny gifts consist of things like teddy bears, or plaques with poems on them that resemble Dr. Seuss stories. Men also love to give those sweet little coupon books that say things like, "Good for one free massage." Who do you think is really going to get that massage? The essence of true love is what a romantic man will try to give his lover, and I think that he should definitely get an E for his effort.

For example, a man looking so proud will walk through the door holding a dozen roses and a heart-shaped box of candy. He is certain that he is about to melt his lovers' heart. However, his lover will look at him and think, The flowers are good, but what is with the candy?

Happy Valentine's, Sweetie, lets expand the size of your ass! Another illustration would be the soft-spoken romantic man. This man will take his significant other for a drive to the beach, and offer her a long sweet midnight-stroll along the shore.

It is February 14th, and it is freezing. A walk on the beach isn’t the best idea I've heard today. Would a man dare to be naughty? Mothers around the world would spin their heads around like Linda Blair in the "Exorcist," if they knew the kinds of things that men give their little girls. For instance, a man has been preparing for Valentine's Day and has taken some nude photos of himself.

Feeling very seductive, he has made them into a calendar. As a result, the woman will smile and try not to ask where her calendar of Mel Gibson has disappeared too. Another example of the naughty category is edible condoms and sexy lingerie. Please explain, how can these possibly be gifts for women? Finally, I must talk about the necessary type of gift-giving man.

Don’t get me wrong. He doesn’t buy things that are necessary for you; instead he buys things that he thinks are necessary for you. So, man will go shopping at Bi-Mart and end up wrapping his Valentine's present in the paper bag that it came in. Keep in mind that he is positive that his lover's heart is going explode with love when she pulls out the tire iron and book titled, "How to Change a Flat."

Although I am pretty sure that something is about to explode, I am not going to guarantee that it will be her heart. I must direct my conclusion to the men that won't buy any thing for the woman in their life. After reading this, you may think that getting your lover nothing is a good idea.

It's not a good idea, and life may suddenly take a dangerous turn for you. My best advice for you is to get her a gift from each category and pray that all goes well. If that fails, tell her you want to meet her parents.


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