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Saturday, 7 January 2017

Valentines Day Romantic Ideas: Husband, Wife, Couples, Boyfriend, Girfirend

Valentines Day Romantic Ideas: Check out some lovely romantic ideas for the Valenites Day. Husband, Wife, Couples, Boyfriend, Girfirend can use these ideas to pamper their loved ones.

Valentines Day Romantic Ideas

• Try gifting perfumed candles and hope for a 'hot & sizzling' effect!

• Rent the scariest movie. Watch it together sharing the chills and thrills, clinging to each other for dear life! or go for a sad romance or disaster flick - it will make you so happy to be alive - and in love!

• What could be your idea of a romantic evening after a hard and tiring day at work? (yeah, sometimes Valentine's Day could just be the first working day of the week. What a pity!) Try this out - it could be both fun and soothing...put on some instrumental or romantic slow number and take a bubble bath...well together, I'd suggest and give each other a nice scrub. I can bet the evening gonna be nothing less than a passionate one.

• Coupla things you ought to keep handy in your bath. Some perfumed candles, a bottle of beer - would do wonders if you want to take a quick bath to give your hair that sexy bounce and then who knows you may want to share a drink in your bath with your darling. Some nice sweet-smelling flowers should be a must.

• On our second wedding anniversary both of us took a day off and went shopping. Both of us decided to buy similar stuff, even the footwear we bought that day was similar. I think that's one of the cutest things we did, we almost ended up looking like siamese twins...but it was oh-so-romantic because we hung around at the party that evening just holding hands and a close dance. It was like a dream.

• I'd been seeing my girlfriend for quite some time and we hadn't kissed 'cause I had no idea how she would react if I approached her. I had taken her out to a candle light dinner (my first ever!) and when I was dropping her back home in my car, just before getting off she hugged me and planted a light kiss on my lips which well turned pretty passionate soon. Can't forget the feeling I experienced. Too good to be true!

• I like doing something new whenever my husband is away, so he gets a surprise when he gets back. So when George was out of town this time, I felt like doing something new to myself for a change instead of the house or anything else. So off I went, bought myself a sexy negligee and clothes he's barely seen me try over. Next, I went and took a haircut. It was a beautiful change and a complete knockout. Well, I know that for a fact 'cause we didn't sleep the entire night.

• Simply loved it when me and my boyfriend (who's normally quite stiff on the dance floor) pulled me up for this real slow and groovy number. Wow! I think it's one of the most romantic things to do a slow close dance with the one you love. How I wish it could just go on and on and on.

• My friend's got this habit to park her jeep in my parking area. So that morning while she was still fast asleep, I went and with a brush sprayed, 'I Love You' on the jeep's windscreen. Needless to say, she was so ecstatic just to see that romantic thing written there, it seemed I not only made her day - but the week too. It was a nice cause I made my love feel nice.


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