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Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Valentines Day Ideas: Fun & Creative Tips

Valentine Ideas - Here are some Valentines Day Ideas to keep in mind while choosing a Valentine Day’s gift. As legend has it, it was on the 14th of February, in the year 270 AD, that St. Valentine, a priest who had defied the decree made by Roman Emperor Claudius II of canceling all engagements and marriages, was put to death. It was while St. Valentine waited for the soldiers to come and take him to his death, that he wrote a note to a girl, the daughter of a prison guard who had visited and befriended him, which he signed, ‘Love from your Valentine’. It is believed that the custom of Valentine’s Day, wherein love messages are exchanged between couples, began since that note was written.

Valentines Day Ideas

Well, with another Valentine’s Day approaching, it’s time to begin thinking of the romantic gift you want to give that special person in your life. Of course, there are the usual Valentines Day Presents like jewelry, flowers, and candy, which are fine and thoughtful enough, but why not be a little different this year? Here are a few Valentine ideas to help you along:

  • Of course, an evening out to dinner is a fairly common Valentine’s Day ritual. So why not add a personalized touch to an old Valentine idea by organizing a picnic at a romantic spot, just for the two of you?
  • Or, if the two of you are the outdoorsy type, a camping trip can be a great way to spend Valentine’s Day together. Make it an overnight trip so that you can sit stargazing together. If camping out is not your thing, how about a trip to the beach? With the weather still cool, it can create plenty of romantic possibilities.
  • Or why not whip up a home-cooked dinner by you - which you really cook all by yourself. Make sure to include all the favorite foods of your Valentine. And don’t forget to add that special  romantic touches - the candlelight, the flowers, the ambiance. They may be old hat, but they never fail to touch the heart.
  • Another great Valentine idea is creating a scrapbook full of memories, which can include pictures of both of you together, or of places you have visited together, or of special moments shared together. Add special touches by designing the layout of the pages, adding embellishments, and so on. This will be something both of you can cherish over and over together.
  • Focus on your Valentine’s interests. Go to a play, or a romantic movie or take her dancing. Go to an exotic location that your Valentine has always wanted to visit. Basically, locate a setting where the two of you can just enjoy each other.
  • Be grand and uniquely different, by all means. Propose to your Valentine under the sea, in scuba diving gear, or do it up in the air by chartering a plane. Or give her/him a handwritten poem or love note on a piece of old papyrus, or get it carved on a piece of granite.
  • And the old favorites, Roses for Valentines Day and candy, need not be pooh-poohed at. Make it extra special by having them delivered to their workplace. Nothing works quite as well as showing the world how special your valentine is.

The above Valentine ideas can be a great way to celebrate this special day. Remember, it is not the amount of money, but about the amount of thought you put into your Valentines Day Present that matters. It is about going out of your way to do something thoughtful and special, to let them know just how important they are in your life that counts. Someone special needs to be treated specially. So, doing something special for the special person in your life will prove to be joyous and memorable for both of you.


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