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Saturday, 7 January 2017

Valentine Week Romantic Tips For Boyfriend Girlfriend

Valentine Week Romantic Tips For Boyfriend Girlfriend Those who want to celebrate the Valentine Week with thier boyfriend and girlfriend but do not have the right ideas can read the given tips.

Valentine Week Romantic Tips

• If you take your girl out to dinner, the restaurant in question should have no more than three television sets.

• Remember, Cupid was a mythical character; do not shoot arrows at your girlfriend in order to symbolize your love for her.

• A gentle back rub by candlelight can be very romantic, indeed. Let her give you one.

• Leave little heart-shaped soaps and chocolates around your apartment, but make sure and get rid of them before your buddies see them and think you're some kind of pussy.

• Get down, get down, and move it all around.

• Surprise your love with a bubble bath for two. When she gets home, she can make it a bath for three!

• Tell your girlfriend you've hidden a gift for her in her apartment. While she's looking, sneak out the back door and buy her one.

• Read the collected works of Henry Miller and take notes. Now, that's a man who knew how to treat a woman right!

• Abruptly breaking up with your girlfriend on the 13th, then re-enacting the "In Your Eyes" scene from Say Anything on the 14th will add extra spice to your make-up sex.

• Buy your love a sexy new outfit for Valentine's Day. If you want to drop a hint, make sure it's one or two sizes too small.

• Leave notes with romantic sentiments printed on them around her bedroom. To demonstrate the true strength of your love, write them in your own blood.

• Romantic music will help to create a sensual atmosphere. If your musical collection lacks suitably amorous music, go to your local record store and buy any album from the "WORLD" section. Don't worry if you don't know what it is; if it's not from North America, it's romantic.

• Limit your use of the word "bitch" to lovemaking sessions.

• Make sure to say "I love you" a lot. Chicks dig that shit.

• Anyone can go out and buy a heart-shaped box of chocolates or a dozen roses, but choosing a gift for your girlfriend which matches her personal, unique tastes is infinitely more romantic. In the week leading up to Valentine's Day, make an effort to find out what those tastes are.


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