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Friday, 30 December 2016

Funny Happy Propose Day Quotes, Jokes, SMS & Messages for Whatsapp, Facebook

Funny Happy Propose Day Quotes, Jokes, SMS & Messages – February month is the month of love which comes with many lovable days. Propose day is one of the special day where people show their emotions and feeling to their loved ones. Propose day is the second day of Valentine week which is celebrated with great enthusiasm in every year. Propose Day mainly celebrated by youths, couples and many other interested people. Propose day celebration is the best time for the love birds where they show their deep feelings by giving greeting cards, roses, chocolates, teddies etc. It is being celebrated for years in the western culture and currently this day celebrated according to the modernized way in every regions of the country. Youths and couples celebrate this day proposing their special ones with grand celebration. Some people want make this special moment become memorable with special and unique celebration with unique gifts.

Funny Happy Propose Day Quotes

Funny Propose Day Quotes – Propose Day is the wonderful event where people propose their special ones by sitting half on their knees with red roses in hand. If you want to make some funniest things on this day then just send below Funny Happy Propose day quotes which will help you make smile on this special day. So save these quotes and send your loved ones.

Boy: you are the second most beautiful girl i ever known.
Girl: who is the first?
Boy: it you, when you smile….

Did you know they changed the alphabet?
They put u and me together.
Happy propose day …!!

Are you free …..
For the rest of your life?
happy propose day …!!

Funny Propose Day Jokes for Facebook

Funny Propose Day Jokes – Here we provide Funny Propose Day jokes for Facebook which will need you celebrate this day in different way. You can share these jokes on social networking sites such as facebook and twitter or you can also send these jokes through email, Whatsapp, line etc. So save these Funny Propose Day jokes and celebrate this Propose Day in funniest way.

Kya khoa gi meri jaan
2 lovers in kfc…
Boy: kya khoa gi meri jaan”…
Girl: samose mangva lo..
Moral: hor phasao pendu kudi
Happy propose day …!!

I will die without u
Boy to girl:- i love u….
Grl:- bhounk na..
boy:-i will die without u..
Grl:-bhounk na…
Boy:-i will recharge ur phn regular..
Grl:- schi…:o
Boy replied bhounk na..
Happy propose day …!!

Funny Propose Day SMS Messages for Whatsapp

Funny Propose Day SMS Messages – Propose Day is the best event celebrated in all over the world. Propose Day gives big chance to people to show their feelings and emotions with their special ones. Here we provide Funny Propose day messages which help you to show your emotions, love, care and affection towards loved ones. So save these messages and send your special ones on this Propose day.

The sweetest way to propose:
“excuse me, do you have a band aid,
because i scrapped my knee
when i fell in love with you.”
will you be mine …
Happy propose day …!!

Boy: would you mind sharing your address with me
Girl: why
Boy: because that is where i would take my marriage vows one day

I am opening an emotional bank account
for u sweetheart
so deposit your love in it
and you will get the interest.
be my valentine !
Happy propose day …!!


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