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Friday, 18 November 2016

Hug Day 2018 Quotes, SMS, Messages For Friends

Hug Day 2018 Quotes, SMS, Messages For Friends - Hug Day is an annual event which celebrated on 12 February. Hug Day is celebrated on Christmas Day and New Year’s holidays and Valentine’s Day when the people are generally in low spirits. February is the month of love and this day celebrate in February to show your love by hugging each other. Hug Day is to encourage everyone to hug your loved ones and show your love towards them. Hug day is the of Valentine’s week which is start from 7 February every year. Valentine’s Day start with the Rose Day and end with Valentine Day. In Hug Day people hugging each other and show their feelings towards them. Hug Day is one of the major days where friends, lovers and every couple feel closer to each other while they hug to each other. Hug day is a day where people hug each other and feels their soul, breath, and love.

Hug Day 2018 Quotes For Friends

Hug Day is the special day to show your feelings towards the friends and families. Here we have some fresh and new quotes for you. If you want to express your love, then save the bellow Hug Day quotes that will you to make this Hug Day special. We think that these quotes will perfectly suit you while you sending and sharing quotes with friends. Celebrate this Hug Day with this special quotes.

“Sênding You à Hug to Êàsê Your Strêss,
À Kiss to Màkê You Smilê ànd My Hêàrt to Sày,
I’m Thinking of You. I Miss You!!,
Hàppy Hug Dày to U Dêàr.”

“If I hàd wings I would fly to êmbràcê you in à loving hug,
So thàt problêms just pàss by Hàppy Hug Dày.”

No màttêr whêrê you àrê
I’ll àlwàys find my wày to ?
Hug you tight ànd showêr you with my kissês
I lovê only you!Wishing my dêàr à hàppy hug dày.

Hug Day Messages For Friends

Hug Day is the best time to show your love towards your loved ones. If you want to impress your loved ones on this Hug Day then save the bellow Hug Day messages. Here we have latest Hug Day messages for friends that will help you to show your love towards friends. Here you get perfect and unique Hug Day messages for friends ,so share or send this messages on this Hug Day and celebrated this day with full of happiness.

Sênding you à hug to êàsê your strêss.
à kiss to màkê you smilê ànd my hêàrt to sày,
I’m thinking of you. i miss you!!
Hàppy Hug dày to u dêàr….

Thêrê is à wàrm hug
Whêrê you àrê À shouldêr
I càn lêàn on Têndêrnêss,
Wàrmth, Smilê, Hàppinêss
In short, whêrê you àrê
Thêrê is Êvêrything I càn drêàm of.
Wishing my swêêty à bêàutiful
Ànd à joyful hug dày…..

You àrê so êspêciàl to mê.
Thêrê is nothing bêttêr thàn
Hàving you às à friênd to shàrê êàch dày with !
Thànk you for màking my dày brightêr.
Hàppy Hug Dày


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