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Friday, 18 November 2016

Happy Valentine Week Wishes of All Days, SMS Messages

Happy Valentine Week Wishes of All Days, SMS Messages – Valentine’s Day is the very popular day all over the world and it is celebrated by all youths and also interested people. This day is celebrated on date 14th of February. On this day, many people share the cards, gifts, flowers and also the chocolates with their valentine. This day is also called as the day of romance and also Saint Valentine. All youths celebrate this day with the fun and joy. Youth celebrate all weeks of a valentine weeks and these are Rose day, Propose day, Chocolate day, Teddy day, Promise Day, Hug Day, Kiss day and Valentine Day. These all days are treated as same. All days are important. So here you will get the Valentine Week Wishes of All Days and photos to share with your beloved.

Happy Valentine Week Wishes of All Days

Happy Valentine Week Wishes – Valentine’s Day is the day of love, romance and emotions. This is the important festival for youth, they like to celebrate this day and make it special with their valentine. Some common symbols of love are hearts, Red rose and Cupid. This day is celebrated by various ways like to share the cards, gifts, flowers, chocolates to your partner. Here you will get the collection of Valentine Week Wishes of all days. So get ready to collect it. Wishes of Valentine Week.

Valentine Week 2017

Don’t send yellow rose
îf you wânt â long everlâstîng relâtîon;
don’t gîve whîte rose îf you wânt â romântîc relâtîon
send â red rose whîch defînes our beâutîful relâtîon.
Happy Rose Day …!!!

You Âre The Hâppîness Of My
Lîfe, You Âre The Smîle Of
My Lîps, Î Âm Âlîve To See
You Ânytîme, Your Cute Smîle
Gîve Me Power Pleâse Dont Ever
Leâve Me Happy Propose Day..

Eâch Chocolâte Îs Lîke  Portîon Of Lîfe,
Some Âre Crunchy, Some Âre Nutty,
Some Âre Soft, But Âll Âre Delîcîous.
Happy Chocolate Day …!!

You âre Smîle of my Lîps,
Twînkle of my eyes,
ând joy of my fâce,
Wîthout you Î âm nothîng,
Happy Teddy Day ..!!

Valentine Wishes

Happy Valentine Week SMS Messages

Happy Valentine Week SMS and Messages – This 2016 Valentine’s Day would be more special for your valentine. Because we have a great collection of Valentine Week SMS, Messages for your valentines which are shared below. We have all valentines week SMS that will help you to collect the all messages from here without wasting of time. We are providing all best and unique wishes of all valentines week. Valentine Week Messages & Valentine Week SMS.

Happy Valentine Week

Î Cân Not Promîse To Solve Âll Your Problems,
Î Cân Only Promîse
Thât Î Wîll Never Let You Fâce Them Âlone,
Happy Promise Day 2016 !!!

Tâlk to me when Î’m bored,
kîss me when Î’m sâd,
hug me when Î cry,
câre for me when Î dîe,
love me When Î’m stîll Âlîve.
Happy Hug Day ..!!

Î’m wîth you reâdîng thîs ,
Lookîng ât your eyes ând your lîps,
Touchîng your lîps softly wîth my fîngertîps.
Mâkîng love to you în every kîss.
Happy Kiss Day ..!!

Pârents meân PÂY RENTS…
Not wîth money…
But wîth LOVE, Respect ând Servîce…
Happy Valentines Day.


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