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Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Cute Happy Kiss Day Status Whatsapp in Hindi & English, for Facebook

Cute Happy Kiss Day Status Whatsapp in Hindi & English – Valentine Day is the eight-day celebration. This is the most romantic season in February. This Day is also known as romantic love. People celebrate this day by exchanging the Greeting cards, wishes, images of hearts and red roses and the surprise gift of Valentine gift. This Valentine Day is also celebrated with arranging the special meal in the restaurants. Kiss day is one of the special days in Valentine week. Kiss day is the sixth-day celebration in Valentine week. Kiss Day is celebrated on 12 February each year across the world. Kiss Day is the western culture earlier celebrated in all region of the country. This day is celebrated by usually all the youngsters along with their love once. This is the best time of the year that boyfriends are curiously waiting for this golden opportunity to kiss their love once and express their love. Love is not a just strong feeling but it cares about him or her.

Cute Happy Kiss Day Status

Happy Kiss Day Status – Kiss Day is the special day in the Valentine week for the lovers which complete the Valentine week as well as love relation. This is the day which is celebrated with that person who are special in our life as well as we have complete trust in her or him. Share this day wishes with your friends by setting your status with the best collection of Happy Kiss Day status.

Smilé! It’s thé sécond bést thing yoü càn do with yoür moüth. Büt I liké thé first oné .

À kiss withoüt à hüg is liké à flowér withoüt thé fràgràncé.

I àm à strong béliévér in kissing béing véry intimàté, ànd thé minüté yoü kiss, thé floodgàtés opén for évérything élsé.

Happy Kiss Day Status for Whatsapp in Hindi

Happy Kiss Day Status for Whatsapp – Here are the best collections of Happy Kiss Day for you to update your Facebook and Whatsapp on this special event. Check out this collection selects one of the best statuses from this and set it as your Facebook and Whatsapp status that is also available in Hindi.

Kissés àré liké téàrs, thé only réàl onés àré thé onés yoü càn’t hold bàck.

I don’t wànnà miss oné smilé, I don’t wànnà miss oné kiss. I jüst wànnà stày héré with yoü jüst liké this.

Kiss, à contràction of thé moüth düé to àn énlàrgémént of thé héàrt.

Happy Kiss Day Status in English for Facebook

Happy Kiss Day Status for Facebook – Kiss Day is one of the special events in Valentine week which is mostly celebrated with our love once. Celebrate this day by just set your social networking sites and apps status with Happy Kiss Day and wish your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, and wife on this Kiss Day.

Kissing is liké drinking sàltéd wàtér, yoü drink ànd yoür thirst incréàsés.

Péoplé who throw kissés àré mighty hopéléssly làzy.

Kissing yoü is liké dàncing in thé ràin; it is àn éxciting kind of sénsàtion thàt yoü càn’t hélp büt fàll in lové with.


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