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Sunday, 14 June 2015

Rose Day 2018|SMS|Messages|Facebook|Whats app|Hindi

Rose Day 2018 is the greatest day for the lovers as this day is the first day of the valentine week list. We are going to share some lovely ROSE DAY SMS, ROSE DAY MESSAGES HINDI with you in this website. Please check all the related details about the ROSE DAY.


The first question people ask to us is that when is ROSE DAY 2018? Well, the answer is, it is on 07th February 2018 (Wednesday). So, you know now that it is the first day of valentine week list and the valentines day is the final destination of this week. The Victorians started this custom through the language of flowers, as a way to communicate feelings that can not be spoken. Red roses show desire and passionate love while yellow roses symbolize friendship and commitment. So, how you going to celebrate it. Do not worry as we are going to describe you everything about it. Lovers can share this page on Facebook and also post these messages on Whats app with the friends.

It is obvious that you are going to celebrate this day with beautiful roses and you are also going to give the red rose to you girlfriend / wife or the boyfriend / husband. The majority of females love any kind of gift from their boyfriend that is honest and sincere. Everyone, like to laugh how complex women are, however, the right roses at the right time, could soften even the most complicated woman. You should note that the female loves flowers and every single girlfriend or the female likes to have a boyfriend who tries to impress her with her favorite bouquet of flowers. Giving roses to your darling is a simple and easy gesture that is sure to delight and make her feel overwhelmed with romance and passion. The classic red rose is usually the ideal choice for showing your strongest passion for that special someone. Either you give a single red rose, or a fantastic bouquet of gorgeous reds, impress your one and exclusively for a romantic affair, or better yet, just because.


Roses are classic and conventional, needless to say. Red Rose means “I love you”; white rose means “It did not mean anything, let us be friends.”; pink rose is in between red rose and white rose - both in color and in meaning. :)

If you are looking for information on the list of valentine week then please check the main page of this website and you will get tons of information on the days of the valentines week 2017.


Check out some lovely ROSE DAY SMS for your loved ones. We have tried to give you the best messages.

Can you actually picture the world minus roses?
It wouldn't be the same simply because
A major part of its elegance would be missing
That is what my entire life will be, without you.
Happy Rose Day

Every little thing about you is exciting,
Your look, your smile, your charm,
Your fragrance and your company.
I always think of you with a happiness on my face.
I love you my beautiful rose.
Happy rose day.

Red Roses for You ON Rose Day.


रोज उनके लिए जो मिलते नही रोज रोज
लेकिन उनके लिए जो याद आते है रोज रोज
हेप्पी रोज डे.

आपके होतो पर सदा खिलता गुलाब रहे,
खुदा ना करे आप कभी उदास रहे,
हम आपके पास चाहे रहे ना रहे,
आप जिन्हे चाहे वो सदा आपके पास रहे.
हेपी रोज़ डे.

एक नन्ही सी किरण चुराने आए है,
खुसीयों का अहसास दिल मे बसाने आए है.
नीद की मदहोसी से जो लिपटे हुए हैं,
हम उन्हे प्यार से जगाने आए हैं.
हॅपी रोज़ दे.

I looked at a pleasing, amazing rose,
and next I looked at you,
and I kept looking at you,
The rose is not beautiful than you.


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